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Cinnamon Desktop Now Available For Ubuntu 14.04 install via PPA

Cinnamon Desktop Now Available For Ubuntu 14.04 via PPA Cinnamon is a GTK+ 3-based desktop environment. The project originally started as a fork of the GNOME Shell, i.e. a mere graphical shell. Cinnamon was initially developed by (and for) the Linux distribution Linux Mint. – Wikipedia Warning: If you are using any other Mint application, remove that application… Read More »


Die Installation von Paketen auf Linux-Kommandozeile

Hallo, Heute möchte ich Ihnen zeigen, wie man in Linux-Kommandozeile suchen und Installieren von Paketen. Befehl, der für Pakete suchen, ist: [well type=”well-lg”]apt-cache search <Pakete>[/well] Es werden alle Pakete. Die unter mir beispielsweise auf der Suche Texteditor “gedit”-Befehl [well type=”well-lg”]apt-cache search gedit[/well] Sobald sie das gewünschte Paket zu finden, können Sie mit dem folgenden Befehl… Read More »


Installing packages on Linux command line

Hello, Today, I want to show you how to search and install packages in Linux command line. Command to search for packages is: [well type=”well-lg”]apt-cache search < package>[/well] Showing all packages. The example below me looking text editor “gedit” command [well type=”well-lg”]apt-cache search gedit[/well] Once they find the required package, you can install with the following… Read More »


Инсталиране на пакети под Linux в команден ред

Здравейте, Днеска искам да ви покажа как да си търсите и инсталиране на пакети под Linux в команден ред. Командата за търсене на пакети е: [well type=”well-lg”]apt-cache search < пакет>[/well] Като показва всички възможни пакети. Примера по долу търси ме текстовия редактор “gedit” с командата [well type=”well-lg”]apt-cache search gedit[/well]   След като намери те нужния… Read More »