Installing packages on Linux command line

By | Montag, 16UTCMon, 16 Dec 2013 22:37:50 +0000 16. Dezember 2013


Today, I want to show you how to search and install packages in Linux command line.

Command to search for packages is:

[well type=“well-lg“]apt-cache search < package>[/well]

Showing all packages. The example below me looking text editor „gedit“ command

[well type=“well-lg“]apt-cache search gedit[/well]
apt-cache search

apt-cache search

Once they find the required package, you can install with the following command:

[well type=“well-lg“]apt-get install <name package>[/well]


[well type=“well-lg“]apt-get install gedit[/well]
apt-get install gedit

apt-get install gedit

In case someone wants very installer to confirm whether you want just the package to install.




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